Do We Need to Use Confidential Shredding Services?

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Generally speaking, organisations consider shredding documents as essential. It can be viewed as a core part of their data protection obligations. However, what they don’t realise is that there is often a gulf between standard (perhaps in-house) shredding and professional confidential shredding services. It’s vital that organisations do recognise this distinct difference. Confidential shredding brings

GDPR Action and Fines So Far

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GDPR isn’t done and dusted. At OnTimeShred we work closely with organisations to help ensure there are no data protection breaches at the point of disposal of paper-based records. Many organisations are acutely aware of their obligations under the GDPR. However, as time goes by, it’s easy to become blasé and forget just how important

Paper Records and GDPR

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The GDPR deadline was the focus of 2018, but has it now gone away? The answer is not really. The ICO has issued nearly 200 fines and enforcement actions since the GDPR came in to force in May. We can’t let up on how we manage records. Much of the hype and focus of GDPR,

Could your care company afford a large GDPR fine? Time to review the way you destroy sensitive data…

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Could your care company afford a large GDPR fine? Time to review the way you destroy sensitive data… Care companies do a vital job in looking after people with medical problems, disabilities, and mental illnesses. They also provide important respite for unpaid carers. To do those things, they hold a great deal of information on

How will GDPR affect my business?

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How will GDPR affect my business? GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, is the biggest change to the way we handle data in a generation. So, to answer the question “how will GDPR affect my business?”, here are the basics you’ll need to know: GDPR applies to Britain, regardless of Brexit Brexit won’t