Why more businesses will be shredding hard drives in 2020

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Why would businesses be thinking of shredding hard drives this year? Did you know that deleting a file from your laptop won’t get rid of it permanently? It’s just like deleting a directory and the file still exists somewhere where clever information thieves can find it. That’s just one reason business owners and managers use

Top 10 Business Products You Need to Securely Destroy

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We predominantly spend our days shredding paper documents. However, such paper documents are rarely the only products used or generated within your business which need disposing of securely. Other products which need destroying safely can pose a problem: they can’t be shredded in the same way as paper, so how do you ensure their safe

Top 10 Reasons to Use Paper Shredding Services

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Paper waste isn’t something you think about – until it becomes a problem. There is a range of reasons why paper shredding services are the solution you need. Our paper shredding services include both mobile shredding and offsite shredding. Each of these services has its own reasons for choosing them. However, why should you choose

Top 10 Filing and Paper Organisation Tips

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Your filing system is an unsung hero. It’s largely ignored unless it becomes a problem. However, filing systems are rarely planned carefully. They tend to grow and develop in an ad hoc way. The result is that the filing system your business uses today is rarely fit for purpose. Could your staff confidently and quickly

How should my business store its confidential waste?

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How should my business store its confidential waste? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) made many business owners think about confidential waste destruction for the first time. The prospect of hefty fines and the loss of reputation if personal data is lost and misused means many are now considering how their confidential waste should be

How the lack of one certificate could be disastrous for your Finance Business

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How the lack of one certificate could be disastrous for your finance business Data security is vital for banks, building societies, financial advisers, insurance brokers, and insurers. Customer trust is an important factor in the financial sector. Once that trust is lost, it can be difficult for financial institutions to recover. So, ensuring that confidential