Confidential waste shredding Ilford

Off Site Shredding

Confidential waste shredding Ilford is undoubtedly, the most competitive solution and most frequently requested service across the shredding industry. At On Time Shred we have the ability to destroy in excess of 10 tonnes of confidential waste every hour to a fully compliant shred size, making this shredding service more efficient and affordable. As well we have the operational capacity to further reduce shred size to destroy top secret confidential material and products to a dust sized particle if required, meeting the shredding standards set by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).


On Site Shredding

On Time Shred is able to provide an on site shredding solution, also known as mobile shredding. It is a more costly solution compared to off site shredding, but gives customers the ability to watch their confidential waste being shredded without having to leave their premises, with a Certificate of Destruction being issued immediately. It is usually required that we undertake an initial site survey to ascertain appropriate parking for the shredding vehicle as well as establishing environmental constraints such as noise in the vicinity.

  • Fully compliant to BS EN15713:2009

  • All staff are security vetted to BS7858 standard

  • All vehicles are satellite tracked

  • A Certificate of Destruction is issued to confirm destruction

  • All shredded paper is recycled

  • A Recycling Certificate is issued confirming how much you have recycled

  • Comprehensive Management Information

  • Our quality-assured management system will give you confidence that our processes and procedures, including staff vetting (to BS7858 standard)

  • Our vehicle security and documentation meet the very highest standards

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    Confidential waste shredding Ilford
    Confidential waste shredding Ilford