destroy your old branded materialIf you’re re-branding your business in 2018, congratulations!

It’s an exciting time. You’ll be looking at new logos, letterheads, websites, complements slips, and business cards, working with a branding specialist or graphic designer, and potentially changing your business’ future.

It’s a great opportunity to redefine your ideal clients, reposition the business, and focus the mind on the next few years. It could be the welcome boost your bottom line needs.

There is just one thing, though – destroy your old branded material.

You need to ensure they are taken out of circulation.

Why should you destroy your old branded material?

There are four excellent reasons:

  1. Competitors or fraudsters could use your uniforms, letterheads, complements slips, and business cards, to target your staff and clients. They could poach business from you, undermine your reputation, or target your customers and employees for identity theft and other crimes.
  2. Your brand should be consistent, and you don’t want old versions out there. You’re spending money on a new brand identity, but what’s the point if there are two out there? People will be confused, and you may not reach the target clients you’d like to attract. An inconsistent brand gives prospects an inconsistent message. Your promotional products such as pens and keyrings should match your brochures, flyers, website, and social media sites.
  3. You want your potential customers to see the fresh brand. Getting awareness of it is important. You may have refocused your ideal customers or changed your target audience in some way, so the new brand needs to get into the public eye. While you’re talking about it on social media and perhaps taking out some paid-for advertising on it, don’t undermine that with old products.
  4. You don’t want to confuse your staff. If you don’t see the new brand as important, why should they? If you don’t remove the old material, why shouldn’t they use it until it runs out? There’s a natural tendency to avoid waste, but this could be counter-productive for your business.

What sort of other branded items do shredding companies destroy?

  • ID badges
  • Clothing and uniforms
  • Bags
  • Redundant products and packaging
  • Branded IT products and media

How do you know your items have been securely destroyed?

Choose a company which offers secure collection, a waste transfer note, and a certificate of destruction – just like On Time Shred. That allows you the peace of mind that your audit trail is complete, and your branded items won’t find their way into the wrong hands.


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