6 excellent reasons your business should consider outsourcing document storage

document storageAre you looking to outsourcing you document storage?

Tired of struggling to find the documents you need in your archive?

Have you thought about what you could do with the space your documents occupy?

Instead of costing you money, that space could be earning you money.

Now’s the time you should weigh up whether to outsource your document storage. Here are six excellent reasons:


  1. Frees up your space – Older documents can take up a great deal of space in your site. However, many documents must be kept for several years – from tax returns to medical records. Scanning all of them onto computer systems could be a huge task, though. So, looking at secure storage options could be the simplest and quickest way of getting more space at your site. You may want to expand your workforce, or create more areas for stock storage. Or, you may be able to lease part of your premises to another business as a valuable source of revenue.
  2. Frees up time of your staff – Your employees are already busy doing their jobs. Having to plough through boxes of old documents to find the records you need takes up far too much of their time. There are better options out there! In fact, storage systems such as those used by On Time Shred mean you can find what you need at the click of a mouse.
  3. Security – Imagine if you had a break-in at your premises and records were stolen. If your records contain sensitive data, or data which could be used for identity theft, your business could find itself falling foul of data protection rules. Having a storage facility at a secure site gives you peace of mind.
  4. Barcode systems which keep your audit trail in place – The storage systems used by On Time Shred allocate barcodes to boxes of documents. This means that, if you need to preserve your audit trail, this can be done electronically. This is particularly useful for documents which are kept by legal practices, dentists, chiropractors or physiotherapists. It is also useful for any company tendering for business, where the audit trail might need to be inspected by external authorities.
  5. Scan on demand – Our systems allow you to retrieve a scan of your key documents within 30 minutes. So, you don’t need the physical document to be at your site. It’s often far quicker than digging through your own archive!
  6. Fire-proofed warehousing – How would your business cope if your documents were destroyed in a fire? Do you have back-ups for everything your business needs? If the answer’s no, you need fire-proofed warehousing to help secure your business continuity.


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