How should my business store its confidential waste?

confidential waste

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) made many business owners think about confidential waste destruction for the first time.

The prospect of hefty fines and the loss of reputation if personal data is lost and misused means many are now considering how their confidential waste should be dealt with securely.

So, you know you need help in ensuring you have an audit trail and certificates of destruction, but which products should your business use to store confidential waste before it is collected?

Here is our handy guide to your options…


  1. Bags – Useful for one-off, small collections or businesses where there is a small need to shred confidential waste. This could be a good starting point for SMEs which want to comply with the GDPR rules on handling confidential, personal data such as staff records and customer correspondence. Bags are a flexible solution which many businesses would find a help.


  1. Lockable cabinets – For some businesses which deal with confidential records, having lockable cabinets is an excellent way to keep sensitive information securely. Solicitors, accountants, financial advisers, care homes, chiropractors, dentists, opticians, and podiatrists may all have sensitive documentation which has medical or financial information. Old patient or client records may need recycling, but in these cases, they should be locked away securely while your business waits for its shredding service to pick them up.


  1. Lockable bins – For larger businesses handling sensitive data, a lockable bin with a slot to add confidential waste is a useful option. These bins help keep your waste contained and secure on your premises. If you have a secure yard outside, these bins are weather proof and can be used outside as well as inside.


  1. Skips – If you run a large business which regularly produces large amounts of confidential waste, a skip could be the most cost-effective method of getting it shredded and recycled. Our On Time Shred skips include a 10-tonne roll on, roll off skips which is secure, robust and fully enclosed, which loads from the top, or a heavy duty skip which loads via lockable rear doors.


Why should your business choose On Time Shred?

  • We provide all four options for storing your confidential waste – giving your business the flexibility it needs
  • We can destroy in excess of 10 tonnes of confidential waste every hour
  • We can reduce items to a dust sized particle
  • We meet the shredding standards set by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)
  • Our employees are vetted
  • Our vehicles have GPS tracking and our premises have 24-hour CCTV coverage. Access to them is tested regularly
  • We give you a certificate of destruction so that you can prove your item was destroyed correctly, waste transfer notes and numbers, and an audit trail
  • None of our waste goes to landfill


Do you need help with products to store your confidential waste? Call our On Time Shred experts on 0330 333 1234.