As we gear up for the implementation of the General Data Protection regulation on May 25, it’s important to have our ducks in a row when it comes to how we deal with confidential waste.

We will all need to create audit trails for how we store, handle, and destroy paperwork which contains data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, National Insurance numbers, and banking details.

GDPR requires us all to declare where we hold data which could be used to identify individuals, how long we’ll hold it, and how it is secured.

If someone requests a copy of what we hold on them, we will have to comply. We may also need to show a legal basis for what we hold – either because it’s contractual or must be held for HMRC or another official body.

So, now’s the time to examine what data we have in document form and why we’re holding it.

If there is a breach, we will also have to show that we deal with paperwork destruction responsibly to prevent the loss of confidential information.

One of the most important things to consider, is how your business will store items which are due to be shredded.

There are two main options: lockable consoles and shredding bags.

To decide which you need, take a look at the difference:

Lockable consoles

Useful for any business where there is sensitive information in paper waste which should not be seen by staff and visitors.

Once the items are placed in the consoles, they can only be retrieved by the keyholders.

Solicitors’ offices, dentists, chiropractors, accountants, care homes, and opticians will find this an invaluable way of ensuring their client data is kept securely until it is destroyed.

If you deal with medical details, legal cases, employment contracts or disputes, or confidential business information about sales or mergers, for example, it’s worth ensuring paperwork about it is held in the most secure way before being destroyed.


Shredding bags

This is a convenient way of storing paperwork which has data on it and must be destroyed but which does not contain highly sensitive information.

This could include names, addresses, staff rotas, and phone numbers.

This is also a great option for solo entrepreneurs who are the only people who have access to these documents in their offices.


Is mobile shredding for me?

An excellent option for large, one-off clear outs or businesses with a large amount of regular paperwork.

Mobile shredding – where a van brings a shredder to you – gives you the ability to watch your confidential paperwork being shredded at your site and a Certificate of Destruction is issued to your immediately.

Our On Time Shred vehicles can shred up to two tonnes of confidential waste every hour, so this frees up your staff to get on with delivering for your clients.

While it costs slightly more than off-site shredding, it could be ideal for many businesses.


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