Should my business hire an on-site shredding company to deal with our confidential waste?

on-site shredding companyIf your business produces a substantial amount of confidential waste, hiring a mobile on-site shredding company to come onto site to deal with it is an excellent option.

Mobile units, housed in vans, can shred between one and two tonnes of paper in an hour. So, your document mountain could be dealt with in a morning or afternoon, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your confidential documents have been shredded before leaving your premises.

A certificate of destruction is issued immediately, helping you comply with data protection legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation which came into force in May.


What to look for in a on-site shredding company

Good preparation– Good mobile shredding companies, such as On-Time Shred, carry out site surveys to ensure there is adequate parking and that they are aware of any issues in the area regarding noise.

Security clearance– Our shredders have also passed the BS7858 security check and have a full CRB check, giving clients peace of mind. Our vehicles are all satellite tracked, too.

Efficient vehicles– Our vans meet the required standard BS:EN15713:2009 and comply with EURO 5 or 6 emission standards.

Recycling certificates– Good shredders will give you a certificate telling you how much of your documents has been recycled.


What sort of organisations benefit from on-site shredding?

Any business or organisation which handles sensitive information and has a lot of documentation would benefit from this service. This includes:


Care homes and social care companies– Most care homes and care companies will have large numbers of documents containing personal and sensitive information, from old patient records and letters to relatives to old staff rotas and employee details. Having an on-site shredding service allows those documents to be handled quickly and efficiently, and for you or your staff to oversee the process.


Solicitors and will writers– Many documents must be kept a certain time under the law. However, after that, they must be disposed of securely. Having a mobile shredding service visit the office cuts down on the time staff spend at the shredder while also ensuring your sensitive documents don’t leave the site until they are destroyed securely.


Schools and colleges– From old exam papers to staff records and student papers, schools and colleges have so much material which should be handled securely. Having an on-site visit allows the headteacher and their staff to ensure the process is carried out properly.


Dentists, chiropractors, and opticians– Businesses in healthcare have access to sensitive medical information. When documents are no longer needed, they must not fall into the wrong hands. So, having a mobile shredder come onto site regularly allows these businesses to ensure their patient security.


Retailers– There is so much paperwork in retail these days, and much of it handles personal information. Invoices, bills, customer letters, staff records, it all adds up to a drain on time and space. Having a mobile shredder come onto site when the store is closed allows you to have the clear-out you need in one go, freeing up space for stock.


Accountants– Information from clients including bank statements and invoices, copies of management accounts, and staff records all need handling carefully. Regular mobiles shredder visits help accountants to keep on top of documents they can destroy, after their legal duties have been complied with.


Housing associations and landlords– From tenancy agreements and tenant banking details to correspondence with staff, much of the information included in documents at the offices of housing associations or landlords is classified as sensitive and personal. Having a mobile shredder on site allows your staff to ensure it is destroyed in the correct manner.


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