On Site / Mobile Shredding

On Time Shred is able to provide an on site shredding solution, also known as mobile shredding. It is a more costly solution compared to off site shredding, but gives customers the ability to watch their confidential waste being shredded without having to leave their premises, with a Certificate of Destruction being issued immediately. It is usually required that we undertake an initial site survey to ascertain appropriate parking for the shredding vehicle as well as establishing environmental constraints such as noise in the vicinity.

Mobile Shredding Service

All confidential waste can be stored within one of our secure lockable bins or cabinets whilst awaiting collection by one of our employees, who have all been vetted thoroughly and passed the BS7858 security check and full CRB check. All vehicles have the ability to shred between 1 – 2 tonnes of confidential waste per hour and all vehicles meet the required standard BS:EN15713:2009 that comply with EURO 5 or 6 emission standards. Our vehicles are continually tracked via GPS and all our premises have 24 hour CCTV, robust perimeter security, with regular security penetration tests and controlled and restricted access.

The shredding collections can take place at a pre arranged time and date on either a regular frequency or a one off / ad hoc service.

Your legal obligations are fulfilled by the complete audit trail provided by On Time Shred, starting with a unique collection and waste transfer note number, recording all material shredded at your premises, finishing with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of shredding.

For further information, to arrange a site survey or to receive a free on site shredding quote, please phone or email us at On Time Shred.

  • Fully compliant to BS EN15713:2009

  • All staff are security vetted to BS7858 standard

  • All vehicles are satellite tracked

  • Your confidential data is shredded in the vehicle before leaving your site

  • Certificate of Destruction is issued immediately to confirm destruction

  • All shredded paper is recycled

  • A Recycling Certificate is issued confirming how much you have recycled

  • Management Information

  • We offer this service because we recognise the importance of having peace of mind when it comes to confidential data destruction; it’s our job to protect your company’s interests.

Mobile Shredding From On Time Shred

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