Public Sector

All Government entities and public sector organisations have confidential documents for shredding ranging from classification levels ranging from confidential through to top secret. Each level requires shredding procedures to different grades of shred size, depending on the document classification. All confidential material must be disposed of in the most secure way possible in order to protect any individuals involved, as well as for the protection of national security, in line with the Data Protection Act and with the impending application of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), public sector departments need to be more astute than ever. Any loss or accidental sharing of information can prove extremely harmful, regardless of the entities size. For further advice or information surrounding the shredding of confidential waste, you can contact Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) or contact us at On Time Shred.

At On Time Shred we offer an efficient, secure, reliable and cost effective shredding and recycling service for all Government organisations, providing an off site shredding service, where all confidential waste is shredded at On Time Shred’s secure premises complete with 24 hour CCTV and robust perimeter security. Depending on the classification of documents from various Government departments, we are able to arrange document shredding to a CPNI level, in line with Government guidelines, meaning that your confidential paper is shredded to a level, where it is reduced to dust. All vehicles have sealed bodies that comply with EURO 5 or 6 emission standards and are continually tracked via GPS. Alternatively, we provide an on site shredding service where customers are able to watch their confidential paper being destroyed at their premises.

We offer a choice of collection services, ranging from one off to scheduled collections with an allocated time slot. We can provide a range of secure and lockable cabinets and bins, which remain on the customer’s premises, securing confidential waste, awaiting collection. As well, at On Time Shred, we have noticed a growing trend in requests for an out of office hours shredding service, which we are able to provide, causing less disruption during office hours.

The confidential waste collected ranges from all types of paper records through to cardboard and all electronic media. These include any individual or case records, results from Government testing, photographic prints, CD-ROMs, CCTV cassette tapes and other digital media. We also dispose of IT equipment such as hard drives and computers, which can be shredded when no longer required. As well as that, we also offer a textile destruction service, enabling organisations to destroy any clothing or uniforms and ID badges, ensuring all material does not fall into the wrong hands.

Your legal obligations are fulfilled by the complete audit trail provided by On Time Shred, starting with a unique collection and waste transfer note number, recording all material collected from your premises, finishing with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of shredding. The whole shredding process for all public sector entities is carried out in accordance with European Standard EN15713. Also, all employees have been vetted thoroughly and passed the BS7858 security check and full CRB check.

Upon completion of shredding, all paper and recyclable materials are sent to UK recycling mills, with none of our waste going to landfill, providing customers with the piece of mind that all their waste has been disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.