When To Choose Mobile ShreddingYou’ve taken the decision to hire a company to deal with your confidential waste, but how do you choose between secure mobile shredding and offsite shredding?

It’s time to decide whether you’d prefer to see your confidential waste shredded at your site or taken away in tracked vehicles to be shredded at a secure facility.

Here’s the information you need to choose between secure mobile shredding (on-site shredding) and offsite shredding.

Secure mobile shredding

The advantages– Your confidential waste doesn’t have to leave your site before it is destroyed, giving you extra peace of mind and allowing you to see the process being carried out at your premises.

The certificate of destruction is issued to you immediately, so this is an excellent way of destroying documents containing sensitive information such as medical records and staff records.

Shredding takes place at a pre-arranged time which is convenient for your business and this can be a regular arrangement or an ad- hoc shred.

Our vehicles can shred up to two tonnes of confidential waste in an hour, so the process is quick and simple.

All our staff have passed the BS7858 security check and they have had a full CRB check.


What you need to consider– You need a secure area in which shredding can take place at your site, such as a secure part of your compound where there is no access to the general public.

Your shredding company will need to undertake a site survey to ensure there is somewhere safe and appropriate for its staff to carry out the work.

They will also need to know if there are any noise limits in the area or any other environmental constraints.

Offsite shredding

The advantages– Our secure facility has 24-hour CCTV, restricted access, robust perimeter security, and we carry out regular tests to see if our security measures can be penetrated.

Our shredders can cope with up to 10 tonnes of confidential waste in an hour. Perfect for large loads.

Confidential waste can be reduced to the size of dust particles.

You have a full audit trail – with a transfer note and certificate of destruction at the end of the process.

We meet the standards for shredding set by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

All our staff have passed the BS7858 security check and they undergo a full CRB check.

All our vehicles have sealed bodies and they comply with EURO 5 or 6 emission standards. They are continually tracked using GPS.

What you need to consider– How your confidential waste will be held while you wait for our pick up. It can be held in lockable containers. Whether your shredding will be carried out to European Standard BS:EN15713:2009, as we do at On Time Shred.

Do you need help or advice on whether secure mobile shredding is right for your business? Call our On Time Shred experts on 0330 333 1234.