Most companies in our sector have shredding standards and accreditations on their websites.

But, what do they mean? Essentially, they are there to reassure customers that they are dealing with a business which takes its responsibilities seriously, just like we do at On Time Shred.

So, here is the explanation for the accreditations and shredding standards on our website…

Who awards the shredding standards and accreditations?

THE ISO– The International Standards Organisation (ISO) based in Geneva, Switzerland, promotes worldwide business standards and awards certification in several areas.

Assessment is carried out by ISO-accredited third parties.

The ISO certifies ISO 9001, the international standard relating to quality management systems.

It tests seven quality management areas – customer focus, leadership, the engagement of people, the approach to process and improvement, evidence-based decision making, and managing relationships.

This allows clients to know they are dealing with a well-run organisation.

The British Standards Institution – The national standards body of the UK, it produces technical standards on a range of products and services. It oversees the accreditation for BS-7858, the gold standard for background screening.

This accreditation relates to environments where the safety and security of people, property, or goods is a key part of an organisation’s operations. It can also relate to where screening is in the public interest.

Accreditation ensures workers are vetted rigorously – including the individual’s address history, employment, and gaps in employment.

The checks included are also a criminal record check, confirmation of ID, a right to work check, character reference, any CCJs or bankruptcies, and a credit score.

Any shredding company with this accreditation will take the security of your confidential waste extremely seriously.

The Information Commissioner’s Office– Make sure any shredding company you deal with is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which oversees data protection in the UK.

Businesses must register with the ICO and appoint a data controller to ensure they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any data breaches must also be reported to the ICO which has the power to investigate and fine businesses not complying with GDPR’s rules.

What does GDPR say about data protection? That systems must be shown to be in place to safeguard data at all times.

So, having a written audit trail and certification from your shredding company has never been so important.

The Environment Agency– This arm of government keeps a register of waste carriers, brokers, and dealers. By law, anyone transporting or processing waste such as confidential paper waste, waste hard drives, and waste media must be on this public register.

The agency issues companies like use with a waste carrier’s licence.

Look for the accreditation on the website of any shredding company you use. Using a carrier without a licence for your waste could land your business with a fine.

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