Benefits Of Onsite ShreddingMany of our customers choose our onsite shredding. However, while its popularity is increasing, we also understand that many businesses don’t realise the wealth of benefits this shredding option can bring. To enable you to consider if it is right for your business, this is a guide to onsite shredding and the advantages it brings.

What is onsite shredding?

This service involves using a specialist shredding company such as OnTimeShred to shred your obsolete paper waste at your workplace. It involves the use of specialist mobile shredding units which are inbuilt within our vehicles. A vehicle visits your site. The documents are then securely transported to the truck where the shredding takes place. Once the shredding is complete, the shredded waste removed from your premise, again in our secure vehicle, and transported to a recycling plant.

This differs from standard shredding services where the paper to be shredded is removed from site and taken to a shredding facility.

While both services offer benefits, there are some which are unique to shredding confidential waste at your workplace.

The benefits of onsite shredding

The benefits and advantages of carry out shredding at your premise make it a popular choice for many companies dealing with confidential paper waste.

  • A chance to oversee the shredding process: Despite our rigorous security steps in place for offsite shredding, we understand that sometimes peace of mind can only truly be achieved by ‘seeing for yourself’. By choosing this service, you can nominate your own staff to be present and supervise the entire shredding process. This means you’ll have eyes on the confidential waste as it transfers within the secure storage bins or cabinets to the mobile shredding unit positioned on your premise.
  • Compliance with legislation and best practice: GDPR is perhaps the most notable data protection legislation for companies. However, many industries also have their own standards of best practice regarding confidential waste, in addition. One way of ensuring the security of data, and ensuring there are no data breaches in this way, is by ensuring all paper documents are shredded onsite. This bolsters your security and your reputation for handling data carefully.
  • Convenience: You can’t beat the convenience of shredding service at your doorstep. You choose when to book, or the frequency at which you have an onsite shredding appointment. It can be a one-off because you’re clearing an office or closing down, or it can be a regular part of your working routine. OnTimeShred provide a full range of secure storage facilities such as lockable bins, cabinets and containers. When the mobile shredding unit arrives, we can either take care of everything, or you can nominate staff to oversee the process. Being at your premise, these staff won’t be away from their usual tasks for long.
  • Time savings: Knowing that documents have been shredded with minimal impact on your business is hugely valuable. By securing paper waste in lockable units and letting us take care of all the shredding at your place, staff don’t waste valuable time loading your shredding machine. Instead, it’s all done for you.
  • Machinery reliability and failure: If you’ve been frustrated by an in-house shredder which jammed and took 20 minutes to fix, or by having to wait for a machine to cool down, or a breakdown which left you building a mountain of vulnerable confidential waste, then you’ll know the importance of being free of this hassle. By choosing onsite shredding, you get all the benefits of shredding on the premises without the hassle of maintaining, repairing and purchasing the shredding machinery. We take full responsibility for ensuring industrial standard shredders and their maintenance.
  • Security: Choosing to undertake your own shredding is rife with potential for information leaks. It only takes one individual not fully shredding a document, and your system has broken down. With onsite shredding, all staff need to do is place their waste in a bin as they usually would (secure bins provided by us). We are responsible for securely destroying it. Documents can’t be pulled out of the bin by someone nosy walking past, and employees have fewer steps in which to enable a security breach.
  • Outstanding standards: To satisfy your own peace of mind and legal implications, choosing an onsite shredding service means you get proof of your commitment to document security. Our onsite shredding service meets BS7858:2012 standards and is carried out by our DBS-checked employees. Furthermore, you receive a Certificate of Destruction, once the shredding is completed, as evidence that the documents have been fully destroyed. Our entire process brings an easily evident audit trail.
  • Reduce office hazards: By choosing onsite shredding through a flexible service, you don’t have mountains of paper building in the office causing a hazard. We don’t just shred the documents but we remove (and recycle) the waste too. Even if you shred documents in-house, you’re still responsible for removing all of your shredded waste from the site. In reality, this tends to build up and cause a problem.
  • Your reputation: Being able to say to customers that you take their information security seriously, and demonstrate a tangible way in which you do this, is vital. Building a reliable reputation enables your business to succeed.
  • A greener option: By choosing to shred on site, you are opting for a sensible option. All of our mobile shredding vehicles meet the BS: EN15713-2009 standard as well as complying with EURO 5 or 6 emission standards. We also take responsibility for recycling all of your shredded paper.

Organise secure onsite paper shredding today

OnTimeShred is a national company with a fleet of secure on-premise shredding vehicles. We are proud of our reputation for secure data handling through processes which also remain cost-effective. Our objective is to enable you to meet compliance standards with the least impact on your business or working practices. We never compromise security or integrity and we are proud of our environmental credentials.

Find out more about onsite shredding today. We will come to you, wherever you are, and offer the onsite shredding service you need.