We predominantly spend our days shredding paper documents. However, such paper documents are rarely the only products used or generated within your business which need disposing of securely.

Other products which need destroying safely can pose a problem: they can’t be shredded in the same way as paper, so how do you ensure their safe destruction?

Our product shredding and destruction service is suitable for a broad range of items which need to be destroyed. Which are the top 10 we most frequently deal with?

  1. IT equipment

Perhaps most frequently we are called on to destroy all manner of IT equipment. From the humble USB stick to banks of hard drives, we can securely destroy all IT equipment.

All products which are destroyed by us are done so by DRB checked and vetted staff, who you may fully oversee if you wish. This gives you peace of mind that your tech is destroyed securely.

  1. ID badges

ID badges seem harmless enough but falling into the wrong hands they can provide access to buildings as well as security and computer systems. We securely shred ID badges which are no longer needed and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

  1. R&D products

Business secrets can be woven into R&D products and models making them a point of vulnerability when they are no longer actively needed. Standard destruction methods are not suitable to fully remove any trace of identification or usability. Secure product destruction will ensure that not only can the product not fall into the wrong hands, but it also can’t be copied or replicated.

  1. Branded items

In the contemporary marketplace, your brand is your business. Therefore, if you have excess or obsolete branded goods (perhaps left over from trade shows) then they will need destroying securely. This is also particularly true at the point of a rebrand, perhaps due to mergers and acquisitions.

  1. Mobile phones

Many businesses realise that mobile technology is a high risk area for their business. Taken off site, a mobile phone is always a security risk. Therefore businesses tend to use high-tech encryption and security processes. However, these can fall short when it comes to the end of the phone’s life or a particular user’s time. We can securely destroy mobile phones so that no data can be harvested from them.

  1. Uniforms, clothing and textiles

It’s easy to oversee the value of your employee uniforms. However, similar to other branded products and ID cards, uniforms and clothing can be a security risk if they fall into the wrong hands. It’s not just in action films that masquerading as an employee enables a criminal to gain access to a site or computer system.

Our product destruction service shreds uniforms, clothing and textiles so that they cannot be used.

  1. Contaminated products

Products which have become contaminated in some way can pose a problem for businesses to know how to destroy them. Our specialised processes can securely destroy contaminated products so that they no longer cause a problem for you.

  1. Products past shelf life

It’s in your business’s interests to ensure that products which have expired, or have passed their shelf life date, are securely disposed of. This ensures that these products cannot get into the wrong hands and lead to incriminations against your business. You are in control.

  1. Counterfeit goods

Unfortunately, if counterfeit goods have been generated using your name, logo or brand, it can reflect poorly on your business. It is in your interests to ensure that these items are permanently destroyed and cannot jeopardise your brand reputation. We can destroy counterfeit items and ensure they cannot be salvaged.

  1. Security equipment

The very equipment you need to keep your business secure can become a problem when it is no longer needed or replaced. Part of our product destruction service is to ensure that security equipment which is no longer needed is fully destroyed and cannot be used.

These are the product items in addition to paper which we are often called on to securely destroy. In addition, there are a wide number of other items we can be of assistance to you. Find out more about our product shredding and destruction service by calling 0330 333 1234.