What are the 4 key ways paper shredding services can help my business?

When you’re considering how your business can flourish, don’t forget to factor in how paper shredding services could help your staff and your bottom line.

Many business owners get their staff to do it or even end up doing it themselves, something which isn’t the most efficient option.

Here are four important ways paper shredding services could help your business…


  1. It saves your staff time and saves you money – If your staff are shredding your confidential waste, their time is taken away from dealing with customers, processing orders, or looking for new business. Their time is your money! So, having a paper shredding service will save you money in the long run.
  2. It clears space at your site and improves health and safety – A regular paper shredding service will mean you don’t have to store large amounts of confidential paper waste at your site. That clears space, reduces the fire risk at your premises, and could also reduce other hazards such as trip hazards.
  3. It ensures your business abides by the rules of GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation says every business and organisation has a duty to care for the data it holds about private individuals and sets out strict rules with which businesses must comply. Having your confidential waste shredded means data you hold about customers, suppliers, and staff remains secure and doesn’t fall into the hands of identity thieves and fraudsters. It also means you’re less likely to be investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office or fined by them. Fines for serious breaches of the rules can run to 4% of a business’s annual turnover or 20 million Euros.
  4. It helps your business become more sustainable – These days, customers want to see businesses recycling paper to reduce the number of trees which are cut down and paper shredding services provide an excellent way of doing that.


How do you choose the right paper shredding services for your business?


Look for a paper shredding company that gives you the flexibility of onsite and offsite shredding and works around your needs.

Choose a shredding business which can destroy up to two tonnes of paper per hour onsite and more than ten tonnes of confidential waste an hour offsite.

The best shredding companies, like On Time Shred, meet shredding standards set out by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and BS: EN15713-2009, and have staff trained to national and EU standards in information handling and destruction.


Why choose On Time Shred?


  • We employ security-checked and DBS-checked employees.
  • We operate to BSI standards for quality, environmental protection, health and safety, information security and document destruction.
  • We recycle at every opportunity.
  • We’re accredited by the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Environment Agency.


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