When To Choose Mobile ShreddingMobile shredding is a popular paper and document shredding service. It may be slightly more costly than offsite shredding, but this is because it brings added benefits.

The reality is that few businesses will find it economical and secure to do their own shredding. Purchasing and maintaining high-grade shredding machinery is rarely worth the cost. You also lose time manning the shredder. Lastly, security with shredding can become an issue as it’s in the ‘human-factor’ that mistakes are often made.

Therefore, many companies turn to industrial shredding solutions. In the vast majority of cases, and indeed a service we offer, the paper to be shredded is taken off site. The shredding company remove all documents from your site and transport them to their industrial shredding facility. This is a cost-effective shredding solution.

However, for many companies this can pose concerns regarding whether the papers have been fully shredded, or even reached the shredding destination. Mobile shredding affords companies a greater sense of ease, knowing that the documents have been destroyed onsite, without leaving the premises. You can even witness the shredding yourself.

Mobile shredding services also bring the greatest convenience to you. You get to arrange when the collections take place, on a planned or ad hoc basis.

Mobile shredding for regular destruction needs

Every company has to destroy paper waste at times. Usually paper records become obsolete after a certain amount of time and routine practices will see you wanting to clear these out. All such paper waste should be disposed of, and destroyed, securely. This is particularly true when it comes to paper containing confidential or personal information.

Mobile shredding can be used on a regular basis to fit your schedule. This means that you aren’t waiting while mountains of waste paper stack up. Instead, you know that we’ll be there as expected.

Additionally, mobile shredding services can be arranged simply when you need them. If you’ve had a massive clear out, or are perhaps undergoing an office move, mobile shredding can be the paper waste disposal service which solves all your problems.

Industrial shredding onsite

Mobile shredding means that you get the benefits of industrial shredding, without needing the equipment onsite. This means that papers can go into the lockable bins still stapled or with paper clips and they won’t pose a problem for the mobile shredder. Our hi-tech shredders can remove such fixings as part of the service. These same documents would stump or break the usual in-house office shredder.

You will also be provided with an instant Certificate of Destruction (as well as being able to witness the destruction yourself). This means you aren’t waiting for this to come, a considerable time later, in the post.

How does mobile shredding work

How Does Mobile Shredding Work

Discover all you need to know on how mobile shredding works with OnTimeShred.

When you book a mobile shredding service we will likely come and carry out a site visit first. This is to ensure that you have ample space onsite for our mobile shredding vehicle, as well as enabling us to assess environmental considerations such as the impact of the noise inevitably emitted by the shredder.

Following this, the mobile shredder will come to your location at a time convenient to you. The vehicles are operated by fully trained DBS-checked staff. They securely remove the documents from your facility to the mobile shredding unit. They then undertake the shredding before leaving the site. Following this you will be presented with a Certificate of Destruction.

Once completed, you will be offered storage options for future waste. These are so that you can securely store paper documents which are waiting to be shredded in the future. These options include lockable bins.

Following the completed shredding, the shredded paper waste will then be taken to a UK recycling facility where the paper is then recycled. You’ll receive a certificate informing you how much paper waste you have recycled.

Choose mobile shredding

Mobile shredding is the solution for many businesses that wish to keep control over the security of their confidential waste until completely destroyed. Get in touch on 0330 333 1234 to arrange your mobile shredding solution.