Why should every retailer consider using secure shredding? Here are 4 excellent reasons…

secure shreddingEvery retailer knows what it means to be busy and under pressure.

So, any task which can be outsourced takes the pressure off your people and your business.

While we are all now aware of what we should be doing to comply with the latest data protection regulation rules, and how we should handle confidential waste, having the time and staff to shred documents and destroy information on hard drives can be a huge challenge.

So, here are 4 excellent reasons for considering an outsourced secure shredding company

  1. It saves you time and money.

Your staff have enough to do – between serving customers, putting out stock, taking inventory, ordering more items, and making sure their tills balance.

Giving them the extra task of shredding your documents takes them away from areas of the business which earn you money.

Outsourcing your shredding to an experienced, qualified provider will help your staff concentrate on growing your business and providing customer service.

With the growing amount of data held digitally, it’s important that old hard drives, image cards, and flash drives are also destroyed securely. Merely deleting them in house won’t get rid of the data – an experienced identity thief will know how to retrieve files.

  1. You keep your supply chain secure.

Invoices and letters from your suppliers will contain information which could be used by identity thieves or fraudsters.

From bank account details, to emails, phone numbers, names of key people within their organisation, and times and dates of deliveries, this is information you need to keep secure. This is especially important now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in force. Any lapse could lead to a substantial fine.

Shredding securely – both your paper documents and your hard drives – means your suppliers have peace of mind.

  1. Your staff records are in trusted hands.

When you send your confidential waste out for shredding with us, you’ll be dealing with security-checked employees and a secure system.

Your data is destroyed in accordance with European Standard EN15713 and all our employees have passed the BS7858 security check and full CRB check.

So, your old staff records, staff letters, and rotas will be shredded securely. We will also destroy old hard drives and USB sticks securely.


  1. You don’t put your customer data at risk.

Whether it’s mailing lists of customers, letters, or old guarantees, your customer data needs handling carefully.

One breach could lead to a huge loss of reputation and a substantial fine under GDPR.

So, getting your confidential waste destroyed securely is protecting your customer data and protecting the future of your retail business.

Why choose On Time Shred?

  • We can destroy in excess of 10 tonnes of confidential waste every hour
  • We can reduce items to a dust sized particle
  • We meet the shredding standards set by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)
  • Our employees are vetted
  • Our vehicles have GPS tracking and our premises have 24-hour CCTV coverage. Access to them is tested regularly
  • We give you an audit trail with certificates of destruction and waste transfer notes/numbers
  • None of our waste goes to landfill


Need help with secure shredding for your confidential waste? Call our On Time Shred experts on 0330 333 1234.