onsite shredding

Why is onsite shredding becoming more and more popular across the community?

Onsite shredding, seeing your documents shredded before you, is attractive to businesses, community groups, and individuals.

It helps individuals protect their data and avoid identity theft, and community groups and businesses use it to comply with strict data protection regulations.

When someone hires an onsite shredding service, they know their confidential documents are shredded and unreadable BEFORE they leave their site – the ultimate peace of mind for householders and data protection officers!


What are the benefits of onsite shredding to individuals, community organisations, and businesses?


  1. Individuals – Our homes are stuffed full of old credit card bills, statements, mail with our names and addresses on it, and private letters. Why not organise an onsite shredding visit from a mobile shredding van to your home? If you’ve been thinking of shredding items yourself, think about how much time a professional service doing this would save you. It would help you clear some space for you and your family while you protect your data. The last thing you need is someone getting hold of documents to commit bank fraud or identity theft.
  2. Community groups – community organisations such as golf, rugby, and football clubs, credit unions, Rotary clubs, social clubs, PTAs, and town and community councils all have a duty under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the data they hold on individuals. If there is a serious breach, they could be faced with a substantial fine. So, having an onsite shredding service which comes to their sites and shreds securely is an affordable way of helping them protect their confidential information and comply with GDPR.
  3. Businesses – From solo entrepreneurs and small co-operatives to large multi-national corporations, every business has a duty of care to protect the data it holds about customers and staff. Some businesses such as law firms, dental practices, accountants, and financial advisers, hold highly sensitive information which could cause their client’s serious problems if it became the subject of a data breach. So, having a mobile shredder at their site gives them the first-hand knowledge that their documents have been processed and destroyed securely. Businesses face hefty fines for data breaches under GDPR – the most serious face fines of up to 4% of the worldwide annual turnover of 20 million Euros, whichever is higher.


When an onsite shredding service visits you…


There must be a secure area where the mobile shredding van can be sited, access to get the van in and out of the site, and shredding must be carried out by trained, vetted staff who are aware of the necessary health and safety regulations.

You will then see your items destroyed and you’ll be given an immediate certificate of destruction, proving you’ve dealt with your data responsibly.


Why choose On-Site Shred?


  • Our mobile shredding vehicles can shred up to two tonnes of confidential waste per hour.
  • We employ security-checked and DBS-checked employees.
  • We operate to BSI standards for quality, environmental protection, health and safety, information security and document destruction.
  • We recycle at every opportunity.
  • We’re accredited by the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Environment Agency.
  • We arrange onsite shredding at a time and place to suit you.


Do you need advice on onsite shredding? Call our On Time Shred experts on 0330 333 1234.